October 23, 2011

The Liberation of Libya

I am really excited about the declaration of Libya's new leaders to use Sharia law.

After the Apostolic Empire of America destroyed its evil enemies in Afghanistan, I was worried that the Taliban's destruction would be a permanent loss for diversity and multiculturalism.

July 1, 2011

The three USG domestic political levers today:
- aristocratic & monied oligarchy; (openly potestas, secretly auctoritas)
- magistrates, bureaucrats, & professors, direct; (openly imperium/writ, secretly imperium/writ)
- populists, traditionalists, voters (openly auctoritas, secretly potestas)

March 3, 2011

Potestas, Auctoritas, and Imperium in American Government

auctoritas authority, originator, production. From auctor author, promoter, producer, father, progenitor < augēre to make to grow, originate, promote, increase, augment, enlarge, spread, extend

potestas: power, ability, capacity, force. From potis having the power, able, capable, posse to be able, to be possible, to have power, to avail

imperium: a command, order, direction, injunction, supreme authority or power, sovereignty, dominion, the right or power of commanding, authority, command, control. From impero to command, order, enjoin, bid, give an order

These governments are assigned to the Legislature, the Executive, and the Judiciary, in the formal constitutions of American governments.

The Legislature, from which derives and originates all authority of the government, that is the people and the law.

The Executive, which holds substantially all physical and practical power of the state, and implements its force.

The Judiciary, the voice of the sovereign law, which commands the mandamus, so orders the state, and enjoins any party.

We shall see the results of their combination into one.

February 10, 2011

Atheist Darwinist Egalitarianism

If you disbelieve in God and superstitions, and you believe that humans are a product of carnal genetics and tribal warfare, why do you think people are equal?

An eminent Scientist, who discovered the modern basis of genetic biology, is excommunicated for stating that scientific evidence shows Africans are less intelligent; because he violates the Universal Equality and Dignity of Man, His Independent Spirit, Who Are All Worthy of Salvation (Materially).

February 6, 2011

Economic Numerology

n. A system, tradition, or belief in a mystical or esoteric relationship between numbers and physical objects or living things.

The empirical basis of modern economics is chain-indexing on an inflation history, where the measurement of housing cost is Owners' Equivalent Rent, which comes from a model with changing rules, which is fed by rent costs modified by a popular survey of owners and mortgagers, about their own buyer's perception of their own house values, in relation to local rent costs. Yet, the basis of empirical science is consistent measurement universally verifiable, and the basis of economic pricing is the rational self-interested seller who has experience and interest in the price signals that personally affect him.

February 5, 2011


Latin religiōn-, religiō 

supernatural feeling of constraint, usually having the force of a prohibition or impediment, that which is prohibited, taboo, positive obligation, rule, impediment to action proceeding from religious awe or conscience, scruple, manifestation of divine sanction, religious fear, awe, religious feeling, superstition, quality evoking awe or reverence, sanctity, religious observance, religious practice, ritual, particular system of religious observance, cult, conscientiousness, in post-classical Latin also monastic community (8th cent.), religious order, rule observed by a religious order (12th cent.)

OED 3rd/online, 2010