January 28, 2011


A Quango is ignoble, a superior of inferiority or an inferior of superiority:

- The Authority admits incompetence, diffusing authority to a Foreign office which it does not rule
- Yet the Authority frees not the agency to rule itself, but asserts some rule over it, defined on the principle of the Forsaken authority, and practiced on the principle of Confusion.

Either the Authority rules, or the Alienated office rules, or there is Misrule, or there is Religous concord.

The Authority rules itself, or it does not rule.

January 23, 2011

The Material Explanation

As Technology empowers, the World will be overtaken by a single sovereign Authority, or erupt into a thousand sovereigns; the former ensured by a Monopoly on archdominant Technology, the latter by Mutually Assured Destruction, Invincible Defense, and Parity; ever stronger offense against ever stronger defense at ever lesser cost, but ever greater control.

We see this in history from the enlargement of States and the reduction of Great Powers, to the nuclear defense and the terrorist attack.

Perhaps Ideas, enabled by Communication and Revolution, work the same.

January 22, 2011

The Government of the domestic United States

In the domestic United States, the mechanics of government, the criminal and civil law, and the judiciary and military, still majorly operate according to the original forms of Anglo-Saxon and Founding law.

The Professors and their Ideas get around this material fact by holding sway over the minds of voters and office-holders, directly participating in the civil service, and being the supreme authority on the state religion: Reason and Science.

January 15, 2011

Uprising in Tunisia

Why is Tunisia uprising?

Are the uprising people of Tunisia supported by USG, as in the recent eastern Colorful Revolutions, to create a liberal democracy which will conform to the religion and profit of USG?

Or is Tunisia a remote useless province of USG, with a vassal government, which USG carelessly ignored or cannot profitably or piously maintain by public force?

Or is this unrest stoked by local or regional factions, which will shuffle the politicians or other personnel, but little affect governing policy?